We do the hard work for you.

Sure, hours soaking in an Instagram worthy bathtub by candlelight sounds amazing but then life happens.

We’re big believers that “little and often” go a long way when it comes to self-care. 

Our products are so beautiful that just looking at them will help you calm the F down.

They do the heavy lifting so you can take one more thing off your list. 

Bopo Women Bath Salt Cake
Dreamer Roller Crop

We’re a bit OTT.

We make skincare with the cherry on top. 

From hand placed crystals and rosebuds to unique skin-loving ingredients from all over the world, we aren’t afraid to be a bit OTT.

We’re often told that there is just a feeling about our products, something that leads to love at first sight. We think it’s because every decision we make in our creative process, is made extremely intentionally by our amazing team.

Always at the forefront of our mind is doing no-harm, as we seek to to deeply nourish your skin, while helping you reconnect with yourself and Mother Nature.

Our Promise

No woman will ever be harmed, edited, altered, exploited, underpaid, undervalued or objectified in the making & marketing of our products.

We’ll never reference to miracle changes or the removal of “flaws” that we first create & then tell you we can miraculously fix. 

We’re an intersectional company deeply committed to unravelling how all elements of identity – race, class, sexuality, gender and ability – relate to body positivity.

We know that a lot of companies are using women’s empowerment & body positivity to sell products that really aren’t any of those things. We’ll never do this.

We’ll never use the ideas and hard work of social movements to sell our products without living their values & giving back. Absolutely no exceptions.

Rose Oil Bopo Women

Our Founder

My story of negative body image & an eating disorder unfortunately mirrors so many other stories. Thankfully I was in the privileged position to seek professional help, and my struggles were taken seriously, something I know many others don’t experience.

I’ve seen so many women I love battle with self-hatred, all seemingly convinced that the key to overcoming it was shrinking or transforming in some way. Slowly it dawned on me how similar our experiences were & I started to look outward for the source of the problem. I saw the toxicity of the beauty industry & how many negative messages about our bodies we’re bombarded with everyday.

This led me to the world of online body positivity, where an incredibly diverse range of people are working towards creating a world in which all bodies are accepted, loved & accommodated for. I learnt so much about self-care & self-love and how radical these ideas are in a society that teaches us to loathe our bodies.

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I began to see how eating disorders, low self-esteem & body hatred drain women of our energy & ferocity & distract us from the important work that needs doing in our world. How beauty myths disconnect us from ourselves & allow us to buy into (literally) the greatest myth of all: that we aren’t already magically, wholly & completely enough.

I started thinking, wouldn’t it be incredible if there were face, body & bath products that actually embodied these values, that actually cared about women & that actually wanted women to enjoy the experience of being inside their own skin?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if these products already displayed messages of self-love, self-care, solidarity and empowerment? So I decided it was about time someone challenged the ‘big guys’ & created them.

Self-care & self-love are truly radical acts & I believe if we all mastered them we couldn’t possibly believe the myths of imperfection we are sold. I hope our beautiful, nourishing products act as a daily reminder to care for, accept & love yourself & to help you see yourself as the goddess you are.

I won’t be satisfied until every single woman feels safe, loved & at home in her skin. It’s time to come home to our bodies.

With love,

Bron Xo

Our Artist

Vanja Vukelic is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist and a creativity coach born in the Balkan Peninsula, Vares. Her signature style of plant- human hybrids focuses on the sensual and mystical nature of art, aiming to depict her intimate connection to dreams, nature-spirits, and the unseen realms, through a combination of surreal and delicate linework, color, symbolism, and poetry.

Creating images of the natural world, her work peers into the unconscious interiors in order to revolutionize the human experience by inviting the viewer to journey beyond limitations, see themselves and nature as one, and unite the realms of dream and magic to the everyday rational experience. Reoccurring mystical based narratives, the transfiguration of plant-human hybrids, and anthropomorphic flowers all tie into the message of her work: the symbiosis of humans and the world. Vanja’s art is a visceral passion for sparking the trust and innate creative intelligence inside the heart of humanity.

You can find Vanja’s incredible work on all of our packaging as we lovingly co-create together to represent the essential messages we want each product to convey.  You can follow her and her incredible work on Instagram @merakilabbe. 

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