by Bopo Women

Supporting Secondary Education & Women’s Empowerment in Madagascar

We love crystals from Madagascar – they’re special. We love their unique vibrancy and energetic healing properties. In fact, there are no crystals quite like them.

However while we usually think of the beautiful landscapes of Madagascar, or the fury animals from the DreamWorks movie of the same name, most people are unaware of the poverty and extremely low rates of education.

For young girls in Madagascar barriers such as school fees, distance and safety issues prevent the attainment of an education. In fact, of 2,000 Malagasy children who enrol in kindergarten, only one will ever graduate from secondary school.

Crystals for Change is on a mission to help change that, one girl at a time. By purchasing any one of our three crystals, you’re helping to provide scholarships for a girl’s secondary education in Madagascar; in fact 20% of all proceeds go to our Crystal for Change initiative.

By providing young women with independence and an education, we’re helping to forge a pathway out of systemic poverty.

To bring Crystals for Change to life we have partnered with an incredibly inspiring organisation called Madaworks. Founded by three equally inspiring women, Madaworks are a very small NGO that provides girls with scholarships to continue their secondary education. They have very low administrative overheads, so 90% of the funds raised by Crystals for Change will be distributed directly into scholarships in Madagascar.

Just $50 p/mth pays for a young Malagasy girl’s school fees, accomodation and supplies. Without this funding she would simply not be able to continue her education. That’s not many crystals!

Sourced entirely from Madagascar, we’ve found some of the world’s most vibrant and beautiful crystals. And we hope that when you see your Crystal for Change on a drawer or table, you notice it exude a little extra vibrational gratitude for you.

We’ll be emailing all our gorgeous Crystals for Change customers to keep them abreast of just how many girls they have helped – so stay tuned!

You can shop our Crystals for Change range here.

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