Stop Facebook Censoring Feminist Art


Facebook has recently banned us from advertising because of the feminist art on our packaging created by Vanja Vukelic. This art has been created specifically for our body positive, feminist skincare & explores our connection with our bodies, each other & the earth. Facebook has deemed our website “offensive” & “pornographic” because we use women’s nude bodies depicted in an embodied and empowered way on our packaging. This means even if don’t use pictures of our packaging we can’t advertise to our website URL full stop!

We want Facebook to reverse this decision and allow us to advertise using our artwork. We also want them to change their advertising standards so that other feminist imagery like ours is not banned. We will not be stopped and have already commissioned more artwork from Vanja as a commitment to our right to depict our bodies in whatever ways we choose.

It is important for us to stand up and make our voices heard as these platforms have such a huge amount of control over what stories, truths and experiences are shared and consumed. There are many other instances of Facebook banning content related to structural change, particularly that shared by women of colour, and we see our banning as connected to this wider issue. This is about selective censorship, power, freedom of speech and expression. It is also about challenging the sexualisation of women’s bodies without our permission.

If these drawings depicted male torso’s and/or nipples they would not be deemed nude, offensive or pornographic. This double standard must end. Facebook’s advertising policies need to #freethenipple and enter 2018. Sign our petition now.