Find your first 2022 Scope by Astrologer Natta Jain below. You can read for your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign to guide you and your self-care needs for January.

ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 20)

The New Year starts off on a more personal tone, as your private life & family relationships play centre stage during January. The potential to start a fresh new chapter or further positively consolidate, where your home or loved ones are concerned is being presented.

Be mindful that miscommunication is a potential feature the whole month, especially with nearest’s & dearest’s. Rather than responding straight away, take time out to calmly consider your response. Kindness is key this month, as much towards yourself as to others.

Exploring the past & personal subconscious patterns can be profoundly healing, particularly regarding the
divine feminine. Nurturing & pampering should be top of the to-do list over the next few weeks.

Around the 25th take charge; by making ambitious decisions & creating changes in your professional &
public life, fostering a greater level of security with exponential benefits.

Recommended Product for this month: Bopo Women’s Goddess Soak. Patchouli encourages healing, whilst Peonies are for love

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

During January rather than over thinking things, make room in your life for fun & playfulness instead.
Exploring your creativity is a wonderfully enriching & enlightening way to start the year. Inspiration can
come from the most unusual places, leave no stone unturned. Out of this period something special can be born.

Regardless of relationship status, this is a wonderful period to reflect on what your personal love language is, so that your heart feels fully nourished. For singles, it’s best to hold off on dating till after the first week of Feb.

This is a month to focus on the work behind the scenes, rather than stepping into the limelight prematurely. Take your time, you are not in a rush as much as you think you are. Around the 30th is a wonderful time to treat yourself to something special, or if you need to make a memorable appearance or launch something this is the perfect time.

Recommended Product for this month: Halo Hair Drops. Macadamia nuts encourage good fortune & Jasmine is for romance.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22)

Starting off the New Year with a big spring clean is a wonderful way to freshen up & elevate your overall
wellbeing. Simplifying & creating daily rituals & beautiful moments of self-love is the greatest gift to yourself this month.

Now is a perfect time for a reset, focus on wellbeing & committing to a regular movement practice. Slow & steady is the best approach to take, with small but regular efforts being greatly rewarded. January can bring flashes of inspiration & great ideas.

From the 14th onwards, tap into the wisdom of hindsight. This is also the best time to review & do diligent research; before moving further ahead with any important plans. Avoid serious conversations, or trying to resolve past issues. Keep your thoughts & feelings close to your chest until the middle of February.

Much can be achieved in your working life by staying committed, extra effort now will highly benefit you

Recommended for this month: Self-Love Body Oil. Rosebuds & Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Bergamot is for success

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23)

The start of 2022 is an important time for seeking harmony & balance in relationships. January is very much all about how you cooperate with others, in both your personal & work spheres. Other people’s fortunes & actions can have a direct impact on you, especially around the Full Moon on the 18th. Make sure you’re working as a team & this should hopefully benefit both parties.

This month do everything is about moderation. Finding the middle ground will pay off well.
Like attracts like, is an important quality to remember this month. Look at how you might be mirroring others and vice versa. It’s important to own your own feelings and emotions rather than projecting them on to another person or situation. Elevate your own actions and lead by example.

This month is also fantastic time for you to explore your more artistic side & enjoy the beautiful things in life.

Recommended Product for this month: Luminous perfume roller. Frankincense encourages contemplation & Ylang Ylang is for creativity & love.

LEO (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

The start of 2022 begins with a significant deep personal transformation. Natural cycles are coming to either a crescendo or closure. Contemplating the concept of inheritance & legacy, helps more clearly define what needs to be left in the past & what you wish to cultivate moving forward.

None of this should come as a surprise. Rather than resisting, it’s far better to go with the flow & be flexible, especially around the 17th. A new positive dawn is on the horizon, this is a fantastic month to start a major project or say “Yes” to something you’ve been thinking about for awhile.

Whether your single or in a union, exploring your more sensual & intimate side this month is an incredibly enriching thing to do. Now is also a good time to re-evaluate your finances, as this can be a time of receiving windfalls. Keep your eyes & your hands open.

Recommended Product for this month: Surrender Soak. Calendula encourages release, whilst Lemongrass is for new beginnings. 

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

The start of the year focuses on your personal development, which can be greatly nourished through delving into your passions, deep spiritual contemplation, learning something new or going on an adventure. This is a very karmic period, that is focused on your own personal patterns & behaviour.

Through life’s bigger lessons your learning & evolving into a very wise individual. Taking the higher ground is important for self-evolution, particularly through being benevolent & acting with sagely wisdom. Just be mindful that communication can be challenging until the middle of February, taking time out to think before you respond is best.

Much healing & positive benefit can come from this period, paving the way for a greater time of happiness & harmony. You have the power right now to achieve something really special. Luck is on your side this month, use it to focus on your bigger goal & a sign of success should shortly follow.

Recommended Product for this month: Stardust Sugar Scrub. Sweet Orange encourages happiness & Lavender is for serenity.

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

The New Year see’s you stepping up & into your power, through taking charge your able to master whatever you put your mind to. Now is a great time to re-access your long term commitments, check in that your still on track & make any necessary adjustments. By doing this now, it will help you stay focused & cultivate a greater level of success,
both in your work & in relationships.

January is a period to make significant progress in your field of interest, you can gain well deserved
recognition at this time. Make the most of opportunities that help showcase your leadership qualities & put you in the spotlight. Take the initiative rather than waiting for someone to ask you.
Taking care of your loved ones is also highlighted, your practical guidance can make all the difference
particularly around the 10th

Recommended Product for this month:  Ember Perfume Roller. Cinnamon bark encourages courage, whilst Nutmeg is for ambition. 

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Embracing freedom & moving through the world in your wonderful unique way, is top of the list this January. Sometimes it’s good to rebel & dance to the beat of your own drum, this would very much be one of those times.

The universe is encouraging you to explore new interests & ways of being, especially around any hobbies or side hustles. Moving beyond your comfort zone during this month, is highly beneficial especially around the 25th.

Liberation can come in many forms, one way is through engaging with like minded souls. Your role within community & how you can involve yourself with the greater good should be a focus. This is a beautiful time to reach out to old friends & also explore the potential of new exciting alliances.
Be open to flashes of inspiration & left of field ideas. What your tapping into right now can prove to be quite life changing.

Recommended Product for this month: Seeds of Spring. Sandalwood encourages inspiration, whilst Lemon is for fresh starts

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

January starts with a deeply contemplative vibe. Your being encouraged to take some time out for yourself & listen to your inner voice. This is the perfect time for divination, mediation or journalling. Pay close attention to your dreams this month. Your learning a lot during this phase, much of this can be integrated through daily rituals.

This can be a significant transformative moment, where you might feel as though your in between multiple realities. The old cycle hasn’t quite finished, yet the new one hasn’t fully taken shape. Self-love, patience & kindness are the most important things during this period.

Any changes or challenges that are happening now are helping make needed adjustments, so you can
beautifully thrive during 2022. If you feel as though life has been fairly stressful recently, things should start to look up & move positively forward with greater momentum after the 17th.

Recommended Product for this month: Ethereal Perfume Roller. Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Frankincense is for grounding.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

The New Year is a time for you to get active, chase your ambitions & follow your passions. This is the perfect time to start a new venture or project, significant success can blossom from this period.
Push forward through any hurdles, you have the power & tenacity to achieve success. Keep your foot on the accelerator, now is not the time to slow down.

Rather than at times feeling frustrated, expend your energy in a healthy way such as exercising or walking in nature.

From the 6th -20th, this is an important time to research or double check any important paperwork.

Exploring & understanding what makes you tick at a deeper level is very much in theme this month as well. Delving into your past, can bring some illuminating truths & treasure to the surface. It’s time to put yourself at the front of the line, so do whatever makes you happy.

Recommended Product for this month: Hormone Hero Face Oil. Camellia encourages admiration, whilst Blue Tansy is inner strength.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

The start of the year marks an auspicious time when you should start seeing the fruits of your labour blossom. A major focus point is the ability to consolidate your previous efforts. From this, a new level of stability & security can be achieved.

Finances come into focus during this period; wise investments made to further benefit your standard of living or upgrade your skills are highlighted. This is also a time when new opportunities for increasing wealth can present themselves.

Self-care should be a main focus this month, pamper yourself & nourish your mind, body & spirit with
holistic practices. Around the 11th take some time out for yourself, escape into your own special magical world. This is a positive time for inner soul searching & mediation. If you are feeling confused about the direction you wish to take in life, this period should help shed some light on the matter.

Recommended Product for this month: Halo Hair drops. Macadamia nuts encourage good fortune & Jasmine is for romance

PISCES (Feb 20 – March 20)

January is off to a busy start, with lots of information & communication come at you left, right & centre.
Discernment & thinking one step ahead are your key allies this month. It’s important to sort the wheat from the chaff. Be clear in your mind, what needs your immediate attention & what can wait.

Setting your emotions aside & working from a more logical perspective will do wonders. It’s a good idea to write to-do lists this month & keep on top of all the day to day small stuff, that way you won’t feel overwhelmed.

Positive opportunities, events or meetings are on the way, you just need to be in the right head space to be
open to fully receiving them. If you’ve been struggling a lucky change in your fortune can take place after the 12th. Keep your chin up; remember that your wonderful charm & wit can easily win you the special prize that you.

Recommended Product for this month: Super Soother Face Oil. Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment.

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