Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller has been carefully crafted from the ultimate self-love stone and is the perfect facial massage tool to use on its own or paired with one of our facial oils. Using a quartz roller as part of your daily face and self-care ritual improves blood circulation and healing, leaving your skin feeling revitalised and energised.

Comes in a beautiful magnetic gift box with protector sleeve.

Bopo Women moisturisers or facial oils are not included.


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 IN STOCK | Made From Grade A Rose Quartz


Crystal facial rollers have been used for centuries in China, as part of facial, body and healing rituals. Rose quartz carries a soothing energy of compassion, healing, comfort, sensuality, imagination and nourishment and promotes self-love. Paired with one of our facial oils the rose quartz roller helps to hydrate your skin even more deeply.

It’s also an incredibly easy way to give yourself a quick daily facial massage, particularly when concentrating on areas of tensions such as the temples and neck. If you'd like to take your relaxation or mini-facial even further, place the roller in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.

Caring For Your Roller: Make sure to regularly wash your rose quartz roller after use with gentle soap and store in a cool, dry place.

Note: Due to the natural formations in the quartz stones, each roller will be unique. Therefore colour may vary slightly from the picture above.


  1. Refrigerate your roller for 10-30mins (optional)
  2. Apply your face oil or moisturiser
  3. Start by using your roller from the centre of the face, with soft, light pressure, in an upward and outward direction (never back & forth)
  4. Next, use the smaller end of your roller around the temples and between the eyes
  5. Clean and dry your roller and store in a cool place.

67 g | 2.4 oz

Rose Quartz

100% Vegan

Cruelty Free


2 reviews for Rose Quartz Facial Roller

  1. Amy Bennett

    I’ve used the Empower Facial Elixir with the Rose Quartz roller the last couple days, and it’s perfect!! The roller is my new favorite self-care/self-love ritual, and it only takes a few minutes! My skin smells amazing, feels fresh – not oily, and honestly even after a couple days already feels healthier.

  2. Jade Head

    This was my first time using a crystal roller and I’m never going back! It feels so amazing and luxurious on your skin. I use the Empower Facial Elixir with this roller and my face literally smells like roses afterwards!

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(2 customer reviews)

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