Super Soother & Roller Duo

Super Soother & Roller Duo

The ultimate hydration duo pairs our Super Soother Face Oil and Rose Quartz Facial Roller. Super Soother is a completely natural face oil created to rehydrate and restore, tired, dry and dehydrated skin in need of some loving. Its beautiful orange glow is derived from rosehip, an oil rich in essential fatty acids that hydrates skin while promoting skin cell regeneration. Sweet almond oil and jojoba deeply quench, while Lavender detoxifies and Ylang Ylang balances. This is the right option for you if you have dry or combination skin. Absorbs really quickly and amazing under make-up! Use with your roller to maximise skin hydration, ease inflammation and increase circulation.


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Sweet Almond Oil: Perfect for dry skin as it's full of vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. Keeps your skin really healthy while also providing UV protection.

Jojoba Oil: The oil that most closely mimics our natural sebum, meaning it is very easily absorbed and helps quickly moisturise the skin.

Apricot Kernel Oil: Rich in vitamin K, a light oil that deeply nourishes without leaving heaviness on the skin.

Rosehip Oil: Well known for it's ability to hydrate dry, itchy and sensitive skin thanks to it's nourishing anti-inflammatory fatty acids.

Ylang Ylang Oil: Beautiful floral oil that helps to balance our skin's natural sebum while reducing inflammation and calming your skin.

Lavender Oil: Not just good for relaxing and calming the mind, lavender is actually incredibly good for skin health thanks to it's antibacterial, detoxifying and soothing anti-inflammatory properties. Also known to speed up skin healing.

Juniper Berry Oil: Know to treat sensitive, dry skin and relieve conditions including eczema and psoriasis.

Bergamot Oil: High in flavonoids which relax and calm the skin, body and mind and an amazing antiseptic which assists skin healing.

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Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosehip Oil, Natural Vitamin E, Ylang Ylang Oil, Lavender Oil, Juniper Berry Oil, Bergamot Oil. 


Follow these steps for the ultimate hydration ritual.

Massage a few pumps of oil onto your face, neck and décolletage.

Then use your rose quartz roller in an upward motion starting from the centre of your face to maximise absorption. Concentrate on particularly dry or inflamed areas of the skin. Allow your skin time to absorb if applying makeup.

You can also use your roller to give yourself a quick daily facial massage, concentrating on areas where we hold tension such as the temples and the neck. It is also very relaxing to place your roller in the freezer prior to use and to use it as a cold treatment.

Caring For Your Roller: Make sure to regularly wash your rose quartz roller after use with gentle soap and store in a cool, dry place.

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Why Use A Roller

Crystal facial rollers have been used for centuries in China, as part of facial, body and healing rituals. Rose quartz carries a soothing energy of compassion, healing, comfort, sensuality, imagination and nourishment and promotes self-love. Paired with one of our facial oils the rose quartz roller helps to hydrate your skin even more deeply.

It’s also an incredibly easy way to give yourself a quick daily facial massage, particularly when concentrating on areas of tensions such as the temples and neck. If you'd like to take your relaxation or mini-facial even further, place the roller in the refrigerator or freezer prior to use.


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  1. Sophie

    I love how nourishing oils are on the face and this Empower Facial Elixir is seriously next level! I use it alongside the Gentle Hydrating Moisturiser and add it as a ‘little extra’ over any dry areas. The smell is amazing and I love how luxurious the product feels. Everything about it is super empowering – from the packaging, to the messaging, to the way it feels on the face! Highly recommend!

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