Find your December 2021 Scope by Astrologer Natta Jain below. You can read for your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign to guide you and your self-care needs for the month ahead.

ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 20)

The planets suggest a golden month ahead, full of luck, optimism & expansion. Life should start to look up again & your faith feel restored. Rather than wait for the New Year use this momentum assertively now. Keep your eye on the prize & aim towards your goals. Around the 13th, a karmic lesson might revisit from the past.

A timely release can help you positively & significantly move forward. Taking a more philosophical & abstract approach is best. Do be mindful though not to put your foot in your mouth. If you find your thoughts or plans turning to far away places & people, whether this be for adventures or relocating, honour your instincts. Around the 20th is a time to revel in self love, pamper & treat yourself by doing something rejuvenating & uplifting for your soul.

Recommended Product for this month: Super Soother Face Oil. Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

Much heartfelt soul searching is on the cards in December, as a powerful transformation is beckoning. Shortly a new positive chapter of life will start to unfold, for some this will be a very significant rite of passage. Your intuition is at its peak, trust your instincts & act accordingly, even if it baffles others.

Personal relationships especially around love or work, can be brought into focus this month, particularly around the 12th & 19th. A lot can be learned & gained from taking the time to contemplate how you have previously navigated similar circumstances.

Hindsight is your friend at this time, reminding you that like attracts like. Presenting as a gateway, for some this can welcome in new significant person to your life. For others it’s a time to address some challenges, surrender & spiritually heal. Quiet meditation & taking time out to consider the path & choices ahead will greatly benefit you.

Recommended Product for this month: Surrender Soak. Calendula encourages release, whilst Lemongrass is for new beginnings.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22)

The planets this month are bringing your personal relationships & commitments into the spotlight. For many this can be a beautiful time for deepening your connections & reinvesting in what you’ve already established.

Think about the long term vision, especially around the 14th regarding love, creativity or work. Any conversations had around this time can prove important for your future success & happiness. Be charming, yet strategic.

If you’ve been experiencing any challenges, greater equilibrium & harmony can be achieved with conceding slightly to reach a middle point. Some might be tempted if a previous offer comes around again, nothings really changed the answer is still the same.

Around the 30th, listen more than talk you can learn some valuable information that can quite literally change your life. You have the power to attract towards you what you want, which is wonderful & exciting, but use it wisely.

Recommended for this month: Luminous perfume roller. Frankincense encourages contemplation & Ylang Ylang is for creativity & love.

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23)

Streamlining & simplifying your day should be priority this month. The New Moon Solar Eclipse on the 4th, is the perfect time to have a detox & set some new positive intentions around your health, finance or work.

Focus on perfecting your skills or making subtle adjustments to a project you’ve been invested with. By doing this now, you’ll should see the fruits of your labour in the next few months. Crafting daily rituals of self-love based around nature & your nutrition will do you wonders.

This month is also about developing your listening skills & having good healthy boundaries. It’s perfectly ok to say “no” if something doesn’t feel right for you or your not in the mood. Around the Full Moon in Gemini on the 19th, journal down your thoughts & feelings you might be pleasantly surprised at what you uncover.

Recommended Product for this month: Self-Love oil. Rosebuds & Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Bergamot is for success.

LEO (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

December is beautifully auspicious time to throw caution to the wind, enjoy being playful & nourish your more romantic side.

Around the New Moon Total Eclipse on the 4th, this is the perfect time for you up your sociability or place yourself in the spotlight.

Speaking your truth around matters of the heart can be beneficial, as can embracing someone new or taking the time to spice up your intimate relationships. The joy of creativity should be high on your agenda, exploring the world with an artists eye will bring a wonderful sense of serenity & wellbeing into your life.

Around the Full Moon on the 19th, is the perfect time for you to plan & strategise for the year ahead. Mind mapping at this juncture can provide some priceless revelations, bringing clear focus to your ambitions as we head into the new year.

Recommended Product for this month: Stardust Organic Sugar Scrub. Sweet Orange encourages happiness & Lavender is for serenity.

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

The hearth & all that centres around your family home is brought to the forefront during December. Embracing holistic practices within your living space & beautifying your surroundings, creates a lovely heartwarming environment for relaxation.

Around the 14th a conversation might be important to establish healthy boundaries & new ways forward. Whilst it’s good for you to take the lead, at the same time remember the art of compromise & what will benefit the greater good. Approaching relationships with understanding & unconditional love, is very much the way forward.

Towards the end of the month, especially the 30th focus of the future rather than the past. This is a time let go. Rather than having a conversation & dredging up old skeletons, just simply release. By doing so, this will help create a wonderfully healing & fresh new year ahead for you.

Recommended Product for this month: Goddess Soak. Patchouli encourages healing, whilst Peonies are for love.

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

Clearly expressing your innermost thoughts & honouring what catches your interest or eye this month is paramount. Pay attention to the conversations & the buzz around you, particularly if it relates to the past or someone you already know. What’s discussed at this point can be very beneficial for you later down the line.

Let your inspiration flow, particularly around the 12th when a commitment to exploring your softer more creative or romantic side is brought into focus. This is also a point of regeneration, where doing something that simply makes you happy, can greatly recharge your batteries & can for some create a new outlook on life.

Around the 19th, avoid any big conversations especially with significant others. Rather than speaking out, this is a wonderful time for deeper personal inner reflection & to focus on self-love. 

Recommended Product for this month:  Super Soother Face Oil. Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Opportunities this month for greater stability & financial development can present themselves out the blue. This is a wonderful time to sit back & survey all that you’ve achieved in the last year, especially when it comes to work.

Around the 12th, by being assertive & taking the lead, you can attract towards you a life changing possibility. To be able to take this up, a sacrifice might need to be made elsewhere. This can be a very healing & lucky time, when the right answer or solution comes to you, as if by magic.

Towards the end of the month, you might experience a slightly more tense energy with people around you. Whilst it’s important to be supportive, your top priority at this time is self-care. Enjoy retreating to your beautiful haven & nourish yourself at the deepest level.

Recommended Product for this month: Ethereal perfume oil. Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Frankincense is for grounding.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

Off to a fresh start, December heralds the first steps on a major new chapter of life. Your not at square one again, if anything this is the new dawn of a significant move forward. With the birth of new beginnings come labour pains, remember these are only temporary.

As the month begins, initially take things slowly, take time to recalibrate. Around the 13th, you should feel as though you have a steady footing again. This is a positive time to make decisions & have important conversations, if required.

The Full Moon on the 19th, is a good time to rest your busy mind. Quietly reflect & survey your plans for the year ahead & nourish yourself from head to toe. Allow yourself to drift away into magical realms through divination, spending time in nature & art on the 29th, it’s a beautiful & auspicious day to honour your soul.

Recommended Product for this month: Seeds of Spring oil. Sandalwood encourages inspiration, whilst Lemon is for fresh starts.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

Taking time out for quiet contemplation during December is worth it’s weight in gold. Now is a time to slow the pace down & focus on more on your personal internal world. Reflection & completion are both key themes, especially around the 8th where a sense of responsibility to finish a cycle is important to stick to. The wisdom you learn at this crossroads, will help you on the next stage of your journey.

A few days later, new opportunities for personal growth & development should present themselves. For some this might present as a fated momentous meeting with someone. Feel confident in your expression, think ephemeral as opposed to long term & you’ll able to attract to you what you wish during this period.

Big changes might present themselves around the 30th, with the outcome very much in the lap of the Gods. Trust that the universe has your back, all will work out well.

Recommended Product for this month: Ethereal perfume oil. Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Frankincense is for grounding.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

You’re in your element this month, by clearly focusing on your vision the happiness it brings to you will also greatly inspire others. Courageously strive for what is your personal passion. Revel in being wonderfully uniquely you. Your individual flare is what makes you stand out from the crowd & attracts towards you what you desire.

At times December might feel a little chaotic, especially around the 8th. Liberation or breakthrough comes by sticking to your gut, even if it puts you at odds with others. Be patient, in time they’ll see the wisdom in your perspective.

Fully lap up all the social engagements & enjoy sharing the good energy around, but don’t forget to have some time for yourself as well. If you feel you need to make a sudden & unexpected U-turn on any engagement or commitment this month, feel free to do so without any guilt.

Recommended Product for this month: Ember perfume oil. Cinnamon bark encourages courage, whilst Nutmeg is for passion.

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

The perfect way to start December is to relax, rest & enjoy the feeling of exploring your personal fantasy realms. Listen to your intuition & pay attention to your dreams.

As much as you are your own authority, it’s also essential for you to take responsibility as the leader for others as well, now more so than ever. This is a time to take the higher ground & strive to keep your head, as responsibilities call for a calmer & more emotionally detached response. You are the champion of the underdog & prophet to the lost or confused.

Decisions made this month should be guided by your head rather than your heart. Keep your long term plans in mind, especially when it comes to the commitments to those who you love. Hard work pays off towards the end of the month as karma bestows a beautiful moment to cherish around the 29th. This is the perfect night to make a wish, as Lady Luck generously smiles on you.

Recommended Product for this month: Halo Hair drops. Macadamia nuts encourage good fortune & Jasmine is for romance

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