As you’ve probably figured out by now, we are very into absolutely anyway to cultivate self-care and get to know ourselves better. A pretty fun way to do that is to look to the stars, which is why we’ve welcomed professional Astrologer Natta Jain to the Bopo Women team to help us create monthly Self-Care Scopes to guide you and your self-care needs for the month ahead.

Find your October 2021 Scope below. You can read for your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign.

ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 20)

Passions in October are running high & a greater level of sensitivity abounds, turning the heat up on your personal relationships & commitments. For many this elevated excitement & mutual understanding is most welcome. For some however, this could
leave you feeling emotionally singed & at odds. The wisdom of the planets, counsel listening more & talking less, this helps pave the way towards harmonious relations. A greater karmic lesson is also at hand; this being to soften & find the middle path. The Full Moon in your sign of Aries on the 21st, is the perfect time for you to forge new alliances, reestablish prior connections & in some cases release the old, so as to birth a new creation. After this point, your celestial focus for the rest of the month shifts gear towards personal soul searching & seeking guidance within.

Recommended Product for this month: Self-Love Body Oil. In the magickal world Rosebuds & Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Bergamot is for success.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

Powerful benefits can be reaped during October through simplifying your day & placing a greater investment on self-nourishment. The planets encourage small daily consistent effort as the key; the rich continuous rhythm created can have positive ripple effects throughout your life. Set yourself clear & achievable goals. Cultivating new elevated habits of self-care at this particular point, can help foster balance & happiness for the year ahead. Worship your body as a temple, this is the perfect time to detox. Streamline your routine & be more active, especially out in nature. Mark the 11th as a special day to give yourself some love, for some this might be tough love. Used mindfully each day can be a beautiful meditation, with this said remember to listen to your gut feelings as your intuition is currently at it’s peak.

Recommended Product for this month: Stardust Organic Scrub. In the magickal world Sweet Orange encourages happiness & Lavender is for balance.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22)

Quietly contemplating the gift of hindsight in October, can lead to deeper understanding, great revelations & a significant change of perspective. During this time your past & potentially those who inhabit it can resurface, often out of the blue testing your willpower. Whether it be an opportunity, a situation, a habit, a person or simply just a dusty memory, the planets encourage you to carefully watch, silently mull over & withhold any decision making until the 20th of the month. In any matters of the heart, old, current or new take a backseat. Allow them to come to you, it’s an opportunity for them express their truth. A little privacy & time out for yourself goes a long way. Enjoy nesting & freshening up your living environment. Indulge yourself in your creative passions & give yourself the permission to simply play by exploring what inspires you.

Recommended for this month: Luminous perfume roller. In the magickal world Frankincense encourages contemplation & Ylang Ylang is for creativity.

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23)

Taking a trip down memory lane, exploring your roots & reaching out to family, whether they be blood or chosen, is an empowering way to develop understanding & healing during October. The New Moon on the 6th, is the perfect time to connect, share love & in some cases build bridges, with those individuals who’ve played a significant role in your life. Be kind, soft & forgiving, this month is about caring for yourself, just as much as others. Keep your focus closer to home this month, it brings the potential for you to make positive progress on actualising a priority into reality. Consistent nurturing now, helps success to blossom when the time is right. Listen to what your instinct is naturally drawing you towards. Invest in things that nourish wellbeing, give comfort & build further on what makes you feel secure.

Recommended Product for this month: Goddess Soak. In the magickal world Patchouli encourages healing, whilst Peonies are for love.

LEO (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

The gift of October is found through expanding the mind & allowing your curiosities to lead the way. Look for inspiration from the world around you: whether it be in nature, the arts, a social movement, a loved one, or someone well known for excelling in a field of your passion. Important pearls of wisdom can be gleaned even in the most unexpected of places. The cosmos gives a reminder, that words & thoughts are powerful especially around the 10th. This month is literally mind over matter, use your time wisely. Focus on researching, strategising & planning. Creating a visual mind-map or writing down your thoughts, will help you take your ideas to the next level. By studying a short course or learning in general, you can gain significant exponential benefits later down the line. The end of the month is good time to have a home spring clean.

Recommended Product for this month: Super Soother Face Oil. In the magickal world Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment.

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

Keeping an eye on your expenditures will help to create better stability & balance this month. The cosmos councils that less is often more, a level of prudence is still required in all actions & undertakings. Whilst this can very much relate to finances, it’s also of particular relevance in how you choose to spend your waking hours. Ultimately, October is a reminder that time is always your most precious commodity. Self-worth & having clear healthy boundaries, are two important keys stones to focus on for further positive development. Now is a time where you can consolidate your previous endeavours & investments. Open your door to seeking advice, spiritual guidance, having a treatment or talking to someone who will benefit your overall well being. Seek calm waters, clarity of mind should come around the 19th. Towards the end of the month some important news should reach your ears.

Recommended Product for this month: Halo Hair Drops. In the magickal world Macadamia nuts encourage good fortune & Jasmine is for self-worth.

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

Fortune favours the brave, as the old saying goes. October’s the perfect time for you to take the lead, be proactive & courageously forward your ambitions & passions. This is a great time to start new projects. The planets are encouraging you to think & act independently, take the initiative & carve your own unique path forward. Be straight & to the point in all your dealings, taking an assertive attitude in most beneficial. How you personally express yourself is yours to play with & explore. If you so wish, a personal reinvention is well timed. Proudly own being perfectly wonderfully you & lead by example. Your enthusiasm for life can be contagious. The Full Moon on the 21st is in Aries your opposite sign, so remember to take everything with a liberal pinch of salt & be extra kind with yourself. Towards the end of the month, look for opportunities that can help elevate your position & bring greater stability.

Recommended Product for this month: Ember perfume oil. In the magickal world Cinnamon bark encourages courage, whilst Nutmeg is for passion

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

Powerful magick is happening all around you during October, the karmic dice has been rolled. Quiet moments of solitude to reflect will prove priceless, as your highly intuitive whiskers are sensing what’s normally hidden. Trust your instincts, listen to your wise wolf within. For many a significant phase of life or relationship is peaking, for others a cycle is repeating itself for the last time around the 5th. This should herald a much welcomed fresh chapter. Romance your soul; honour your beautifully whimsical spiritual self through meditation, nature walks, art, poetry, yoga & divination. Let your dreams & daydreams guide you, significant messages are coming from your subconscious at this time. Look for symbols & synchronicities externally, this is the universe helping to guide you. Towards the end of the month, translate these new illuminations into physical action to help place you a step ahead.

Recommended Product for this month: Dreamer perfume oil. In the magickal world Lavender encourages spirituality, whilst lemons develop intuition.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

October highlights your place in society & the role that you personally play helping to cultivate a brighter tomorrow. As a thread, interwoven into a beautiful & divergent tapestry called community, your actions hold significance. The future beckons; be brave, carve your own unique path forward within your social groups, even if it ruffles a few feathers. Dare to stand out & up; however big or small, you’re a trailblazer. Striving for personal greatness, inspires others to follow suit, which in turn benefits collective spirit. Focus on nurturing friendships, check in with loved ones & offer a helping hand where required. Look to the heavens on the 19th, it’s a gold star day to make a wish, set an intention or power forward with a side hustle. Focus on the long term benefits rather than short term gains. A new important commitment might present itself, a friends advice can help seal the deal.

Recommended Product for this month: Daydream Soak. In the magickal world Safflower encourages good luck, whilst Sunflower is for inspiration.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

All eyes on you Capricorn, as the cosmo shines brightly on your ambitions, helping to elevate your reputation within your field. Responsibilities especially pertaining to long term endeavours can come into focus around the 12th, a timely reminder that the seed you plant today is what’s blossoms tomorrow. Follow your deeper sense of purpose, strive for your ideal; it may not be quite within reach yet, but your perseverance & dedication towards your dreams during October, will bring victory day into clear sight. You are your own authority & with that comes the importance of self-discipline. A more restricted focus towards only one or two main priorities holds greater success. Utilise your resources wisely, you already have everything you need at your fingers tips. A little ingenuity can make what you have go a long way. Towards the end of the month thinking outside the box & trying something new, will help give you a fresh perspective.

Recommended Product for this month: Hormone Hero Face Oil. In the magickal world Camellia encourages admiration, whilst Blue Tansy is inner strength.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

Like all the great protagonists in mythology, a profound soul searching journey beckons you in October. Ahead lies the opportunity to both integrate aspects of your shadow self & unearth a hidden treasure. For some this might be a physical quest, whilst others might choose to expand their horizons through education, spirituality or the arts. Dive deep into the rabbit hole in search for your personal gold. Be it literature, the silver screen or the worldwide web, you can learn anything & travel anywhere, even back in time. As much as curling up with a good book is nice, rather than be an armchair philosopher, directly put into practice the knowledge your learning. Remember the word “wisdom” has a “do” in it, especially around the 28th. Magnify your riches, by sharing some sagely advice you learnt along your journey; be the shining light for others. Your timely words of wisdom hold far more impact for someone than you realise.

Recommended Product for this month: Summer Solstice Body Oil. In the magickal world Meadowfoam encourages journeying, whilst Grapefruit expansion.

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

After a long journey, having finally reached the threshold a powerful transformation is a foot in October. It’s time to say goodbye to whatever or whoever no longer supports you in your happiness & positive development. Be careful of projections, instead personal transparency & self-accountability are essential in what is unfolding. Past memories that surface even if challenging, help with the healing & growth process thats currently taking place. Marking a sliding door moment in your life, the planets encourage you to be brave & have faith as you step into your new reality. With much deep soul searching on the cards, know that you are evolving into a wiser version of yourself & tomorrow is going to be a much brighter happier day. Be gentle with yourself though, especially around the 26th. Think about the butterfly who emerges from the cocoon; its wings are still wet, so must rest a short while before its first exhilarating flight in its new body.

Recommend Product for this month: Surrender Soak. In the magickal world Calendula encourages release, whilst Lemongrass is for new beginnings.

Want more astrological goodness? If you’d like to learn more about what’s written in the stars for you, you can have a full reading with Natta Jain. Find out all about her offerings here and follow along with her instagram here.