Find your November 2021 Scope by Astrologer Natta Jain below. You can read for your Sun, Moon & Rising Sign to guide you and your self-care needs for the month ahead.

ARIES (Mar 21- Apr 20)

Like the snake sheds its skin, trust the natural process of outgrowing your personal identity, especially in soulmate connections during November. Mutual fortunes can be deeply effected by decisions made this month. For some this might play out as a timely final curtain call.
For others self-evolution is facilitated through how successfully you navigate, negotiate & merge forces; where deepened intimacy & trust can significantly elevate a union. Self-mastery & success can be achieved by reflecting on the past & modifying your approach accordingly.

Moral outrage can be a thin veil for projected personal frustrations, around the 10th when Mercury & your ruling planet Mars connect. Avoid poking the bear. Calmly understanding someone else’s perspective is priceless in resolving & transcending barriers. Relating deeply requires surrendering defensives, if anything share your vulnerability. Lead with love & understanding, your generosity has the potential to propagate future wealth around the 19th Full Moon Eclipse.

Recommended Product for this month: Luminous Perfume Roller. Frankincense encourages contemplation & Ylang Ylang is for creativity & love.

TAURUS (Apr 21 – May 21)

Illuminating discoveries & life changing moments are brought into clear focus during November. This month heralds a positive time to re-access your long term commitments & potentially open yourself up to new exciting opportunities. Approaching things with a mindset of long term benefit rather than short term gain, can prove very auspicious. Your ruling planet Venus the planet of love, attraction & money gets serious around the 6th, giving the green light to confidently lead by example & take charge.

Rather than being over-emotional pragmatism rules the day, especially were relationships or business are concerned. Listening to your head over your heart can greatly benefit matters. The Full Moon Eclipse in your sign on the 19th is the perfect time to indulgently treat yourself, honouring all this past years achievements both big & small. It’s also a fantastic time to invest your time, money & energy into what nourishes & supports stable growth & long term development in your life.

Recommended Product for this month: Self-Love Body Oil. Rosebuds & Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Bergamot is for success.

GEMINI (May 22 – Jun 22)

It’s the simple things in life, that can make you happy in November. Slowing down, smelling the flowers & listening to your body are all fantastic ways to honour your temple. Focusing on daily practices can greatly benefit both your physical & mental health. Look for signs & synchronicities leading to a significant lightbulb moment around the 13th as your ruling planet Mercury connects to Uranus.

Apply yourself with precision, now is a time of perfecting. Avoid cutting corners or taking the quick route in matters of personal development or work. Creating systems, routines & to-do lists, will help you stick to your commitments throughout the month. Plan one week at a time. Grand gestures & sudden changes are off the cards this month, rather approach things with an air of modesty & prudence. Less is very much more. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th encourages you to dive deep into your intuition; meditation, art or divination are all powerful ways to tap into your inner mystic.

Recommended for this month: Ethereal perfume roller. Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Frankincense is for grounding.

CANCER (Jun 23 – Jul 23)

Fortune favours you this month when you let your hair down & embrace your more playful & romantic side. Give yourself permission to explore your inner child. Throw caution to the wind with what inspires & excites you. Psychically do whatever puts a smile on your face & very possibly the face of a special someone too. Creativity is a wonderful way to explore your personal self-expression & have a powerful breakthrough moment. November holds the strong potential of much welcomed growth,  development & positive feedback.

Fertility is at a peak this month, think what seed is it that you wish to sow. The universal principle of cause & effect is at play. Remember what you plant today, will be what blossoms tomorrow. So choose wisely. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th can really help you get noticed by your peers & put you in the spotlight. It’s the perfect time to make a wish or strike out from the old familiar & pioneer forward with your bigger dreams.

Recommended Product for this month: Halo Hair Drops. Macadamia nuts encourage good fortune & Jasmine is for romance.

LEO (Jul 24 – Aug 23)

Rather than elevation, November is all about depth. Excavating & exploring your personal archeology, can turn up priceless treasure. Connecting with your roots, family & place of origin are all highly encouraged. This is a time to pay homage to those who have gone before you & have helped shine the light to guide the way forward. It’s a beautiful practice to give offerings to your ancestors, as you contemplate your part in a bigger legacy. Take time to reflect on all that you unearth, what your integrating at this point can significantly bolster your foundations tomorrow.

Tensions can be inflamed around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th, a positive resolution can come from this though. A welcoming supportive hug can mean more than you know. Home is very much where the heart is. Enjoy nesting & the enriching benefits of a cosy haven. Now it’s time to mother yourself as much as your loved ones. Nourishment through soul foods & acts of self-love should be top on your list. 

Recommended Product for this month: Self-Love Gift Set. Rosebuds & Neroli encourage self-love, whilst Bergamot is for success.

VIRGO (Aug 24 – Sep 23)

Curiosity is a thirst that needs to be quenched this month. Do so by expanding your mind & awareness via learning & education. Have fun exploring the hypothetical & abstract, this will eventually blossom into something golden & worth keeping. With your ruling planet Mercury entering Scorpio, deep soul searching beckons. For some it’s time to let go of something, an idea or someone around the 6th. An auspicious fresh chapter will take seed from this moment.

Like attracts like; you can learn a great deal from those around you. Siblings & close friends are highlighted, focus on what you can share & learn from each other, it’s a beneficial two way street. However, the greatest lesson in wisdom comes from a person or situation you have a challenging relationship with. They are your biggest teacher. Remember the key to the solution is found in the problem. An act of benevolence is a beautiful thing, especially around the karmic Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th, from this a greater period of independence & autonomy can dawn.

Recommended Product for this month: Super Soother. Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment

LIBRA (Sep 24 – Oct 23)

One persons trash, is another persons treasure. You have an eye for very favourable opportunities in November. It’s a great month to wheel & deal. Get your hustle on, look for ways to consolidate & enhance your finances & work. Don’t undersell yourself to close a deal. Know your value & stay strong in your stance, your worth it. Invest in developing your skills to the next level & stay committed, increased future stability is the prize.

With your ruling planet Venus moving into Scorpio on the 6th, it’s hard to resist your charm whether in the boardroom or the bedroom. It’s a prime time to reinvigorate your relationship or if single, meet someone special. Sparks can really fly. For those in complex love situations, you might be feeling particularly sensitive. Don’t compromise your standards, remember you are a powerful & amazing goddess who deserves the best. The Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th heralds a transformation, enjoy some quiet time to nourish & pamper yourself as you evolve.

Recommended Product for this month: Hormone Hero. Camellia encourages admiration, whilst Blue Tansy is inner strength.

SCORPIO (Oct 23 – Nov 22)

November encourages you to assert your independence & claim power, as sovereign of your own realm. If you wish to freshen up or reinvent yourself, now is a wonderful time. The cosmic traffic light, has just turned green for “go”, signalling to get active especially if you’ve been feeling uninspired for awhile. Remember, you are the instigator of your own fortune. Take a leap of faith & with laser beam focus pursue your ambition or desire.

Surround yourself with visual cues to keep you motivated & on track. Fret not if you experience minor challenges or a little competition. Both are wonderful ways to help you prove your prowess & stand out from the flock. Around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th, be careful not to burn the candle at both ends or make any brash decisions. Instead take a well deserved break & enjoy surveying all that you’ve achieved so far. Use this down time for quiet reflection. Towards the end of the month, you should start to see promising results.

Recommended Product for this month: Seeds of Spring. Sandalwood encourages inspiration, whilst Lemon is for fresh starts.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 23 – Dec 21)

Diving deep into the mythical & mysterious world of ritual, dreaming & meditation is highlighted during November. This is a time of reflective solitude, to contemplate the last 12 months. A larger watershed moment is on the horizon, a circle is soon to be completed.

Don’t rush anything, even if those around you are seeking a quick response. Trust your intuition. Before making any large decisions, expand your thoughts around your point of enquiry further through journalling, drawing or divination. Take as long as you need. Remember the word “no” is one of the most simplest & most powerful spells. Make the task you’ve been putting off your priority at the 19th Full Moon Eclipse. By getting your hands dirty now, you’ll appreciate the extra time up your sleeve later. Around the 27th very special magick is afoot. Wish upon a star as luck is on your side, look out for a special gift from the universe.

Recommended Product for this month: Super Soother. Apricot Kernels encourage a positive mind & Juniper berries are for discernment.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 – Jan 20)

November is all about freely expressing yourself, throw caution to the wind & do whatever tickles your fancy. It’s a beautiful time to get playful & explore. Whether online or in person, stretch out your feathers by getting social & networking. Keep your finger on the pulse. Exciting life changing ideas can come up in conversation. Possibly now is not quite the time to act upon them though. Instead store the idea in your pocket for later, you’ll know when the time is right.

Look out for new responsibilities, an opportunity for you to grow & build your reputation within your industry can present itself around the 6th. Wear your heart on your sleeve, it will help you stand out from the crowd. Romance, fertility or creativity can be on the cards around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th. For some it holds the potential be a really significant sliding door moment. By investing your heart & time into what or who makes you truly happy, you’ll be making the right choice.

Recommended Product for this month: Stardust Organic Sugar Scrub. Sweet Orange encourages happiness & Lavender is for serenity.

AQUARIUS (Jan 21 – Feb 19)

Much can be achieved right now through old fashioned hard work & discipline. The cosmic key to success is found in seeking advice from someone more experienced. Look at your responsibilities, it might be worth considering how you can stream line or consolidate.

Alternatively, this can be a great time to start something new. Flourishing to full beautiful bloom, requires much focus & commitment. You should find it’s well worth the effort in the long term. Greater benefits can be experienced retrospectively. Pearls of wisdom learned from this chapter, can put to good use in the future. Dare to be different & think outside the box around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th. A push at this time can lead to a significant breakthrough. Keep in mind peoples sensitivities are running high, take everything with a pitch of salt. Be true to yourself & proud of what you’ve accomplished, treat yourself to something special in November, you deserve it.

Recommended Product for this month: Goddess Soak. Patchouli encourages healing, whilst Peonies are for love.

PISCES (Feb 20 – Mar 20)

Hold your head high & keep your faith strong in November, as you move forward on an important quest, start a new adventure or take a trip. Although at times you might doubt yourself,  luck is on your side.  Looking at the bigger picture & taking a more philosophical approach is beneficial. Try not to get caught up in overthinking. If anything, laughter is wonderfully healing & liberating.

To help manifest your desired outcome this month, a clear mind is required. Focus on meditation & the spiritual side of life. Spend time in nature, it will help relax you & bring you back to your calm centre. Around the Full Moon Eclipse on the 19th, look out for important communication coming your way. What your learning around this time, could prove priceless. Karma is at play & destiny is calling, particularly around the 27th. This is a very magickal time where the heavens might smile favourably on you, so make a wish.

Recommended Product for this month: Ember Roller. Cinnamon bark encourages courage, whilst Nutmeg is for passion.

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